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LTU 2021 Symposium on CO2 Capture, Storage & Utilization

CCU-Net is a consortium of five different nordic university focuses on developing materials and technologies for the CO2-capture and fixation into “CO2-neutral” fuels and chemicals.

9-10 of December 2021 from 8:30 - 17:30




Seminar from PhD & Post-docs

Keynote Speakers:

  1. MOFs for CO2 hydrogenation - Unni Olysbe, Professor, UiO
  2. Pre-capture of CO2 and hydrogenation into methanol on heterogenized ruthenium and amine-rich catalytic systems - Niklas Hedin, Professor, SU

Invited speakers:

  1. Interfacial properties of composite nanostructures for energy harvesting - Alberto Vomiero, Professor, LTU
  2. Processing of advanced highly porous nanofiber materials for energy & environmental applications - Andreas Kaiser, Associate Professor, DTU
  3. Optimizing microporous adsorbents for selective CO2 adsorption Ocean - Cheung, Docent, UU
  4. Structuring of sorbents and catalysts for CO2 capture and utilization - Farid Akhtar, Professor, LTU
  5. Captured CO2 in the Vanadium Recovery Project - Christer Nordström, Mining Engineer, consultant to Critical Metal

Please email to sign up for the seminar and any further info.